GIOGO PASS 1944- 2014

Exploiting these days so beautiful, I decided to go, by byke, to one of the most important places of the Italian  campaign of 1944: the Giogo pass.

It was here that Clark decided to attack the Gothic Line by modifying the original plan that included the attack on the Futa Pass, after learning from  secret services that deciphered all  German communications, that they were waiting for him there. The attack broke the German line and threatened to become the maneuver that forced the Germans to evacuate the north of Italy.

Before goingto the pass  one should visit two museums dedicated to that event, the Castel del Rio museum and the Ponzalla museum. The first is on Romagnol side in the Santerno river  valley, the other is on Tuscan side near Borgo San Lorenzo. I visited the first in several occasions, it is  rich in material  (weapons and uniforms) and situated in a beautiful building. The  second has proved to be a small museum with exhibits very interesting and very competent staff who excavated and rebuilt several military posts in the pass.

Some photoes of the museum.

a6 056


a6 050


Next I started the visit to the Giogo  pass. I start from the bar restaurant and the journey by foot is short. The road is developed on the reverse side of the mountain Altuzzo and German stations appear on the right. There are explanatory signs on site. After fifteen minutes I am on the top of monte Altuzzo where is a great wooden cross, the view towards Tuscany (American side)  is amazing.

a6 064

a6 059



a6 058


a6 070

Some photos showing the great work of reconstruction done.




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