Of the six types of Romagnol counrty houses the Forlì type is the most widespread, probably because is the simplest and cheapest. In the following very bad photo (please excuse me) we see some Gurkhas near a Pack 40 and behind an house of this type in Morciano, a town south west of Rimini.

a3 027

Obiovusly of the type we can find several variants, the rule is the gabled roof of the main body. Some houses have only one body side, some have a body side with a rectangular front, some have three roof slopes upon body side. There are also variants in the planning of the spaces inside but it is less important for my research. Here is an example between Forlì and Ravenna.


A1 001

I decided to build the bulk of my houses of this type.

a3 045

a3 047

a3 074

Sometime we can find devozional subjects in front.

a3 080

a3 082


Here is a house I ever seen in my youth and sometime ….I dream.

a5 003

a5 001


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