This should be the last unit of the Asiatic division of cavalry of Baron Ungern von Sternberg. They are other ragged Russians.  I would have preferred a more Asian unitthat I may add in the future.

b1 022


b1 024


b1 020

b1 021

Ungern Russians.

I remained two units, half painted, to complete the Asian Division of Cavalry leaded by Baron Ungern Von Sternberg. This is one of them. The unit is made up of Russians with shabby clothes, fact that the division had equipment problems.

b1 012



b1 014

b1 013

b1 011

“Sherpa “

Dopo due anni finalmente il ritorno al figurino. Questi sherpa sono fra le figure rimaste della Divisione Asiatica di Cavalleria del barone Ungern Von Sternberg.

After two years I am painting figures. Some sherpa from Ungern Von Sternberg’s army.

b1 006b1 007

b1 010


Nell’ambito della ricostruzione del paesaggio romagnolo all’epoca della seconda guerra mondiale, oltre alle case di campagna, altre costruzioni sempre di edilizia “minore”, sono ricavate dalle foto. Questa per esempio presso Meldola.

Other buildings in Romagna are derived from photographs.  For example this picture taken near Meldola.

a2 043


b1 038 b1 025

Altre costruzioni sono di servizio alle case di campagna. Questo fienile, singolare per l’aggiunta della casa a destra, è stato ripreso sulla Via Emilia fra Forlì e Faenza.

Other constructions are of service to country houses. This barn, expecially for the house addition to the right  was on the Via Emilia. between Faenza and Forlì.

a2 036

b1 028


b1 037

b1 031




Sfruttando questo stupendo mese di Ottobre sono andato a farmi un giretto in Mugello in una domenica assolata e caldissima.

Prima una visita al ponte di Cimabue e alla casa di Giotto.

Taking advantage of this wonderful month of October I went to give me a ride in Mugello in a hot and sunny Sunday.

Before a visit to the bridge of Cimabue and to the house of Giotto.

s1 027

Ponte di Cimabue.

s1 031

Dalla casa di Giotto verso ciò che rimane del fortilizio dei da Bondone.

Poi, dopo un ottimo pranzo, visita al Museo archeologico di Dicomano, piccolo ma interessante, dove oltre a belle steli funerarie etrusche ho trovato un plastico che mi ha incuriosito.

Then, after a good lunch, a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Dicomano small but interesting, where in addition to Etruscan funerary steles I found a model that intrigued me.

s1 033



s1 036

s1 037

Si tratta di resti di una costruzione etrusca notevole, di circa 12 metri per 30, descritta come fortilizio di epoca ellenistica. La forma rettangolare, le dimensioni, l’apparente mancanza di aperture, mi sono apparse strane, così ho deciso di andare a vedere di persona.

It is the remains of an Etruscan remarkable building, about 12 by 30 meters, which is described as a fortress from the Hellenistic period. The rectangular shape, the size, the apparent lack of openings,  appeared strange to me, so I decided to go and see for myself.

s1 038

La località panoramica è situata su un crinale che certamente costituiva il percorso per il Lago degli idoli. La costruzione, imponente, è coperta da una costosa quanto inutile tettoia che non ripara i muri, intorno altre costruzion anche medioevali. La sensazione è che il presunto fortilizio, un unico nel suo genere, sia in realtà il basamento di un tempio.

The scenic place is situated on a ridge that certainly was the route to the Lake of the idols. The mposing building, covered by a costly and unnecessary roof that does not repair  the walls, around are other remains also medieval. The feeling is that the alleged fort, one of a kind, is indeed the base of a temple.


GIOGO PASS 1944- 2014

Exploiting these days so beautiful, I decided to go, by byke, to one of the most important places of the Italian  campaign of 1944: the Giogo pass.

It was here that Clark decided to attack the Gothic Line by modifying the original plan that included the attack on the Futa Pass, after learning from  secret services that deciphered all  German communications, that they were waiting for him there. The attack broke the German line and threatened to become the maneuver that forced the Germans to evacuate the north of Italy.

Before goingto the pass  one should visit two museums dedicated to that event, the Castel del Rio museum and the Ponzalla museum. The first is on Romagnol side in the Santerno river  valley, the other is on Tuscan side near Borgo San Lorenzo. I visited the first in several occasions, it is  rich in material  (weapons and uniforms) and situated in a beautiful building. The  second has proved to be a small museum with exhibits very interesting and very competent staff who excavated and rebuilt several military posts in the pass.

Some photoes of the museum.

a6 056


a6 050


Next I started the visit to the Giogo  pass. I start from the bar restaurant and the journey by foot is short. The road is developed on the reverse side of the mountain Altuzzo and German stations appear on the right. There are explanatory signs on site. After fifteen minutes I am on the top of monte Altuzzo where is a great wooden cross, the view towards Tuscany (American side)  is amazing.

a6 064

a6 059



a6 058


a6 070

Some photos showing the great work of reconstruction done.



Every year, the last weekend of September, in Terra del Sole ( F-C), is refought a battle of 1387.  Despite  the modest historic event, it is  a great opportunity to live medieval atmosphere for two days.

a6 019


a6 021

a6 025

The camp. In the night the view was amazing.

a6 026

The traders from all Europe.


a6 027

Home Ordelaffi’s men at arms.

a6 032


Part of one of the two armies.

a6 047

One of reenactors.

a6 049

Viewers have been shown to like the show.  Photo is from Saturday ; Sunday  people were more numerous.